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Discover The "Done For You" System That Will Create $36,317.50 In The Next 90 Days With Zero Skills or Experience 
We've Invested $250,000+ To Bring You This Super Smart, Hands-Free 'Freemium' Membership Network That's 100% Guaranteed To Pour Profits Into Your Online Business Without You Having To Sell A Thing!
What Top Marketers Are Saying...
If you've been around the Internet marketing space for even a short period of time you'll know that in order to grow your lists faster, to boost your 'brand' and to start making REAL MONEY you need your own product(s) to sell...

... Maybe a book or course, perhaps video training, or better still a MEMBERSHIP SITE.

Here's Why: Of all the different ways you can deliver digital content to your customers membership sites are generally perceived to have the highest value - And from our 15+ years 'in the trenches' experience, we've found the most successful memberships use a 'freemium' recruitment model (where you have a FREE entry level to accelerate sign-ups backed by progressive, PREMIUM/paid membership levels to generate profits)

Chances are this is not news to you... But as a busy entrepreneur, the prospect of researching and choosing popular niches, creating multiple levels of premium quality video training and content, going through the technical hassles of building out and maintaining a site then spending several hours every day supporting hundreds or even thousands of members probably sends a shiver down your spine?

But here's the good news... Instead of risking thousands of dollars of your own cash and devoting months of your precious time to build a membership site YOU CAN SKIP THAT ENTIRE PROCESS and let us do everything for you!  

As I mentioned earlier, we've been building successful membership sites now for over 15 years, we've created hundreds of them, we've generated over $10 Million in subscriptions and fees - And we've delivered every kind of digital content, basic/advanced training, books, videos, software and web services to hundreds of thousands of happy members.
And we'll do EVERYTHING for you... 
 And better yet, it's all ready waiting for you and just minutes away...  

That means you can start getting paid today… not in six weeks or six months from now.
And This License Is Not Just For One Freemium Membership Site - There Are TEN Of Them!
Each site is packed with exclusive, in demand video training, tested and proven to convert premium upgrades and they are all fully supported and maintained by our dedicated team - 

All you have to do is GIVE AWAY free memberships and get paid!
Here’s the deal: We have 10 awesome membership sites and we’re offering you an exclusive 'RESELLER' level membership to all of them so you can give free passes to your visitors/subscribers just like you built them.

We’ve invested over $150,000 researching, creating, developing the video content and another $100K building, hosting and managing everything else. You get the benefits of this $250,000 investment for just pennies on the dollar via the special link at the end of this page.

And the cool thing is you can also use these sites to learn yourself - (yes you can create your own personal accounts) and your referred members will be buzzing once they step inside and learn everything there is to know about running successful online and offline businesses.
There are two HUGE benefits to getting RESELLER access to all 10 membership websites in this "Ultimate Offer"
#1 - You Become A Better Marketer: You'll have access to all the training in these sites to learn everything you'll ever need to know about building and growing your business and getting more cash flowing into your bank account.

#2 - You'll Make Money Giving Out Free Memberships: Recruiting members to your sites will be easy because you're giving out free passes (no hard sell involved here) then you'll make money each time a member upgrades to a higher level. (this is fully automated and it's just one of the ways you'll profit, I'll cover the other ways below)
Here’s how you'll earn with your memberships:
You'll get access to a secure 'membership command' panel where in just a few clicks you’ll get your secure registration links and can customize all the membership sites with your secondary 'revenue generators' (when members login, they’ll see your placed ad banners, your recommended affiliate links and resources).

You can simply give away free silver passes with your unique links, use the passes as incentives to sell more of your existing products, boost your affiliate commissions by using passes as bonuses etc. Then when your new members join and for the lifetime of their membership they'll see multiple opportunities to upgrade to higher levels, when they do you receive 100% of all of those fees! 

We then do all the ongoing marketing for you. We regularly mail out product and service recommendations to members throughout the entire site network, when those emails go out, every member you have recruited will get these highly targeted recommendations with your affiliate links embedded. That means, you'll continue to earn additional revenue after a member has upgraded or even if they decide to never upgrade!
Just giving away valuable free passes starts this cascade of cash flowing!
The 10 Membership Sites That You’re About To Get Access To Include:
When your members join AffiliateProfitsClub.com, they will…
  • ​Find out what affiliate marketers really do. This is a great intro if your audience is newer to affiliate marketing.
  •  Find out what kinds of niches make the best targets and uncover the hottest markets right now.
  •  Create your own lead magnet page (it’s easier than assembling Ikea furniture!)
  •  Set up a blog and discover the surprising secrets of what the top affiliates do differently with their blogs. (Including a secret from Publishers Clearing House that will blow you away).
  •  The #1 secret that separates the super affiliates from the super broke affiliates.
  •  Become mesmerizing with your words so they can be the “ugly guy who got the supermodel”.
  •  Get vendors to start sending traffic to your site, send you traffic, and generate sales for you.
When your members join eMarketersClub.com, they will…
  • ​Find out why email marketing is not dead and how exactly to bring in tens of thousands of dollars every month from their list.
  •  Learn the 3 types of lists they must have if they’re serious about list building.
  •  Get their subscribers glued to every email they send to get more opens, reads, click thrus, and sales.
  •  Create an irresistible free offer to get people to sign up for your list and harness the power of giving stuff away for free to make money.
  •  Learn and implement the #1 key to getting high opt-in rates.
  •  Tackle the common problem of big traffic numbers and a small list.
  •  Discover 5 good ways to bring in more traffic and targeted leads.
When your members join MembershipMarketersClub.com, they will…
  • ​Find out why membership sites ROCK and get on the receiving end of the huge influx of cash that is memberships.
  •  See behind the curtain on the most profitable membership models on the planet.
  •  Learn how to make money with a free membership site.
  •  Look at the “marketer’s dream” AKA the “recurring monthly profits” model website and how you can implement this lucrative model in your business.
  •  Avoid the #1 thing that kills membership site profits.
  •  Learn how to keep people in your membership site for the long term and reduce dropout rates.
  •  Create multi-tiered membership sites with a series of upgrades so that you will constantly have money coming in.
  • ​Get the key to running a mega successful membership site (and learn what it actually takes to run one).
  •  Uncover massive hidden profits in your membership site. It’s not what you think.
When your members join PowerCopyClub.com, they will…
  • ​Learn the no-fail AIDA formula and how to use it to whip up sales copy quickly.
  •  Get the template of the 12 sections your sales page MUST have if they want a high conversion rate.
  •  Write an opening to your sales letter that makes people hang on to your every word.
  •  Discover the 5 urgency strategies that work like magic to get people to take action fast.
  •  Find out 4 ways to use a P.S. to get people on the fence to say “YES”.
When your members join PowerMarketersClub.com, they will…
  • ​Learn the 4 mindset factors that make or break your business.
  •  Find out what “driving on unfamiliar road” means and how it’s having such a big impact on their bank account!
  •  Find out which people in their life are sabotaging their success.
  •  Get a strategy to not let naysayers and “energy vampires” hold them down like a 2,000-pound weight.
  •  Learn the mindset factors that separate the mega rich from the mediocre.
When your members join ProductProfitsClub.com, they will…
  • ​Learn the 5 surefire ways to figure out what products their audience already wants to pay for.
  •  Figure out what product to create first to put the largest profit in their pocket.
  •  Uncover 3 strategies for increasing the perceived value of their offer (which means that they can charge more!)
  •  Get the scoop on PLR content. Is it a money maker or a terrible idea? We’ll teach them the truth.
  •  Find out the 3 questions they must ask themselves to decide whether to outsource or create their product themselves (so they don’t lose or waste money!).
When your members join SuccessUpgrade.com, they will…
  • ​Get the 5 eye-opening strategies that will have you thinking and acting like a CEO in no time.
  •  Learn the art of taking calculated risks so that they can enjoy massive success.
  •  Find out what to do about people who are trying to stomp all over your dreams.
  •  Uncover the secret to overcoming fear (it doesn’t require becoming fearless).
  •  Let go of being a control freak so that they can start growing their dream team.
  •  Get the quality that all successful entrepreneurs possess: the incurable desire to help other people. You’ll never run out of energy once you can do this.
  •  Create a plan for your business and future.
  •  Most importantly: gain the ability to manage your money as an entrepreneur (including 3 strategies for getting, keeping, and growing your money).
When your members join TrafficGenerationClub.com, they will…
  • ​Find out how to get exciting traffic surges every day instead of every once in a blue moon.
  •  Learn the strategies that master digital marketers are using to get hundreds, thousands, even millions of comments, likes, and shares.
  •  Find out the single biggest traffic mistake that leaves you frustrated with results even if they have massive amounts of visitors coming to their site.
  •  Learn how the top vendors create affiliate programs that everyone wants to be a part of (and get super vendors to market your products).
  •  Discover the hidden strategy that they’re not using to get more eyeballs on your website.
  •  See (and be surprised at) how they’re wasting their existing traffic… even if they don’t think they are.
When your members join WebProfitsClub.com, they will…
  • ​Learn the surprising truth about affiliate marketing. The vast majority of affiliates make zero dollars. We don’t want that to happen to your members.
  •  Learn how to sell the most profitable digital products like eBooks, audios, and videos.
  •  Find out the #1 thing that they must do to create a thriving business online (skipping this step guarantees failure!)
  •  Discover the #1 secret to become a bestselling author on Amazon Kindle over time (even J.K. Rowling uses this tip).
  •  Get the nuts and bolts of setting up your digital offers.
  •  Discover how to turn content into cash with a powerful and profitable blog.
When your members join WealthUpgradeClub.com, they will…
  • ​Learn the 5 S’s of kicking the habit of using other people’s money and finally get out of debt forever.
  •  Get tools to keep track of their money so that they can keep more of what they earn.
  •  Find out what they should start saving for RIGHT NOW.
  •  Discover 5 really cool strategies for quickly decreasing their expenses without decreasing their quality of life.
  •  Learn the 3 ways most businesses are leaking money and how to start holding onto this money.
10 Membership Sites Ready And Waiting For You!
Silver Level Content  
(This level will be free for anyone YOU give access to - It's priced at $27 on the public site
  •  Free 'Silver Level' video training - Great 'starter' content that naturally leads members to upgrade.
  •  Professional reports and bonus course content.
  •  Leads members to the opportunity to upgrade to Gold level where you get 100% of the payment!
Gold Level Content   
(This level is premium/paid for anyone you've previously referred)
  • ​In-depth training videos with 'mastery' level content.
  • ​Automated onboarding and follow up email messages to encourage topic understanding.
  • ​Helpful and high quality complimentary reports and downloadable guides.
Platinum Reseller Level License  
(This level gives your referred members access to become a reseller of the membership sites)
  • ​User management system to manage and maintain your referred members
  • ​Promotional tools and resources to promote each site
Once someone becomes a member through your affiliate link, we do ALL marketing for you!
  • ​Banners that your members see when they login will have your affiliate links.
  • ​Recommended resources inside each site contain your affiliate links.
  • ​Ongoing promotional/recommendation emails sent to your members contain your affiliate links.
  • ​Plus you can upload banners for your own websites, products or affiliate offers that are displayed inside.
This means that you will earn revenue again and again from the same members as they upgrade their membership and purchase access to new membership sites.
But what if you don’t have enough traffic to send to your membership sites?

We’ve got you covered there, too.
For each membership site, you get a full Marketing & Promotion Kit including:
  • Professionally Designed Advertising Banners (Plus eye catching 'Thank You' page graphics)
  • Tested and Tweaked Promotional Email Swipes (just paste these into your autoresponder)
  • Content rich blog posts to add to your blog or social channels
  • ​Regular tips, ideas and promotion strategies in the 'Resellers Only' private newsletter
Plus, don't forget you can use the membership sites themselves to master all of the best marketing strategies!
Each Membership Site Uses The “Freemium” Model, So All You Have To Do Is Give Memberships Away For Free To Make Money!
It's easy... you give out free Silver memberships however you choose and we’ll do the rest to ensure revenue flows like clockwork - Upsells triggered on registration, in content recommendations, email follow ups, incentivized upgrade promotions and much more all to keep your members moving towards the premium/paid levels.
When your members upgrade you get paid instantly.
Even better… Because there are 10 membership sites, there are many opportunities for each of your members to join and upgrade at additional sites and more opportunities for you to get paid every time they do.
This 'Ultimate Offer' Is Your License To Print Money On Demand!
And there’s no limit to the income potential you have when you start giving away free passes to your membership sites with this exclusive Platinum Level Reseller license.
This Is A One Time Payment License With No Renewal Fees And Includes Our 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
How much will you make on each automated membership upgrade?
When You Give Away (Or Sell) Silver Memberships:

Gift Them (recommended) = $0 for you (but you'll recruit LOTS of members into your network)

You Can Also Sell Silver Memberships* Price = $27 for you 
(100% Direct PayPal Payment)

While you can sell access we do recommend 'gifting' silver memberships because we've found the conversion rates and lifetime member values to be MUCH higher - And with more members engaged with the content there is increased likelihood that they will purchase a Gold and ultimately Platinum memberships!
When Silver Members Upgrade To Gold Membership:
  • ​Via the Instant Registration/Upgrade Offer (discounted) = $9.95 (100% Direct PayPal Payment to you)
  •  Or later From Within Membership (non discounted) = $19.95 (100% Direct PayPal Payment to you)
When Members Purchase Automated List Profits Membership:
  • ​Via the Instant Registration/Upgrade Offer (discounted) = $97 (100% Direct PayPal Payment to you)
When Gold Members Upgrade To Platinum Reseller Licenses:
  • ​Exclusive To Gold Members Price ($497.00) = (50% Commission - $998.50 paid monthly via PayPal to you)*
Your income potential is unlimited as long as you continue to hand out your free memberships. (we do NOT limit how many silver passes you can sell or give away at any of the ten sites)

But let’s say you do the bare minimum… Even if you only give away enough silver members to get 1 Gold Membership Upgrade per site, per month you would still make $1,194 per year!

If you put a little more effort into your promotions and you recruit enough silver members to sell 1 Gold upgrade per site, per week you would be making $5,174 per year!

But if you light a fire under this… If you use the tools we give you and focus on recruitment, you could recruit sufficient silver level members to see 1 Gold upgrade per site, per day ... Giving you $36,317.50 per year!

NOTE: These are just projections based on Silver to Gold membership upgrades and do not factor in later upgrades at the higher price points, nor do they include 100% commission payments on Automated List Profits membership, or commissioned upgrades to platinum level - We've not even included any affiliate commissions income from in-site, recommended resources or promo emails that are sent to members with your affiliate links embedded inside them. All of which could lift your earnings potential considerably higher...
You don’t need to create your training and videos
You don’t need to manage any of the technical stuff
(or pay for maintenance, software, support or hosting).
All you have to do is give away free membership passes
Get Your Reseller License Now
This Is A One Time Payment License With No Renewal Fees And Includes Our 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions:
How long does it take to get my membership sites set up and ready to go?
We’ve made this process so easy that it literally only takes you 20 minutes to get started! We’ll send you all of the information to get started immediately after you buy your license.  

Note: Your reseller level account is set up manually, so please allow 24/48 hours to receive your new account access login and details after payment and initial registration.
Do you limit how many free members or paid members I recruit?
No! There are no limits on people you can sign up to the free silver levels of membership nor any limits on upgrades. You can refer 1, 10, 100, 1,000... 10,000 as many as you like (and the more members you recruit the more revenue you'll stand to make)
Are There Any Renewal Fees or Ongoing Licensing Costs?
No! Your payment today is a one time fee and there are no monthly, annual or renewals at all.
How Do My Members Create Their Accounts?
Inside your management dashboard you'll get three unique links. The first link sends people to the PAID Silver membership sales page for that membership (you'll receive 100% of the $27 payment direct into your PayPal account) - The second link sends people to the FREE Silver membership sales page (with introductory video) and free registration page link and the third link goes directly to the free Silver registration page.
Do I Get The Emails/Lead Information Of Members Who Sign Up?
Yes! Inside your Reseller Dashboard you can manage all the users who you have signed up and during the registration process the signups can also be automatically added to your autoresponder.
How Do Email Promotions And Recommendations Work?
We regularly send email updates, site news and promotional emails to both silver and gold level members - Each time one of these emails recommends a product or service the email carries your affiliate link (you can add your JVZoo/ClickBank/Zaxaa affiliate IDs in your reseller panel)
How much traffic do I need in order to make sales?
We teach you the best strategies for driving traffic in the Traffic Generation Club so it’s okay if you don’t have enough traffic yet, just jump into that membership yourself and discover how to get more.
Who Handles Member Support?
We request that you respond to and honor any requests for upgrade refunds (silver to gold) as these payments are made directly to your PayPal account and sent instantly. All other support is handled by our team, content/training and general membership inquiries, technical issues etc.
I’m new to digital marketing. Is this right for me?
We teach you everything you need to know in these 10 membership sites. That alone is more than worth the price of this license. However, to start making money you will need to be ready to dive in and face the learning curve. If you’re a tenacious person, you should have no problem.
Will I be able to market my own website and offers in the membership sites?
Yes! You can upload your own banner ads on your membership sites for whatever you want (including other membership sites included in this license) You can also set logout links that go to any page/URL of your choice when members logout of the site.
Secure Your Discounted License
This Is A One Time Payment License With No Renewal Fees And Includes Our 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
The only way you can lose here is if you walk away empty-handed...

This really is the easiest route to get all the benefits of owning a huge network of memberships sites without any of the hassles and stress that usually come with it.

By taking action right now not only are you making MASSIVE savings you're eliminating a minimum of 12-18 months of hard slog attempting to put something like this together yourself.
Act now and you'll be in business today risk free!
LICENSE GUARANTEE: You can get started with total peace of mind that your investment is backed up by a full 14 day money back guarantee - Create your account, set up your sites, give away memberships, collect upgrade fees and if at any time during the month you decide this license isn't for you just let us know and we'll cancel your reseller account and fully refund your payment the same day. 
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