How To Get Help FAST... 
Welcome to the Support Center for Tyler Pratt's customers
We are fully staffed support center with real humans working in the USA.   Our business hours are monday - friday 7am EST - 8pm EST, and we respond to all queries within one business day. 

Before submitting a ticket please read the information below as it will give you the details we need to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

1. If your missing the access or download links, first check your email (including the junk/spam folders) first. Our secure payment processor (PayPal, Stripe, Clickfunnels) will redirect you to the download page automatically. But if you are not auto redirected then check your email for the access links. 

2. If you have any issues with a payment/refund, please check the payment receipt for the sellers information. If it is NOT "Tyler Pratt", "Pratt Media, LLC",  or "Promote Labs, Inc" then it means you paid someone else. While we may still be able to provide support (e.g. provide download links etc) we obviously can't refund a payment you didn't make to us, so you'll need to contact the seller directly.

3. Please include as much information as possible about the transaction so we can locate it e.g. your name, your email (and paypal email if different), name of product, name of seller, date of purchase etc. (Paypal now gives different transaction IDs to buyers and sellers so this just giving the transaction ID doesn't help us). 

4. Please provide as much details about the challenge you are having. Give specific information e.g. "the link doesn't work" copy/paste the exact link into the support ticket.  ** Don't just enter something like "it doesn't work"

These steps are all designed to give us the info we need to ensure you're taken care of quickly. If you leave this information out, it's likely that the support rep will need to ask you for it anyway.
If you still need to submit a ticket, simply click here to submit your ticket.
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